Rapid River, Idaho

Olympus om-4 (Fuji Film 200)

This was the first place I ever went backpacking


Dove into this beautiful water, it was absolutely freezing but an indescribable feeling :)




i’m not saying she’s a gold digger but she believes that in a male-dominated society where women generally are paid less it’s important to find a man that can be relied on financially if necessary

in case you guys missed it the point of the joke is that you shouldn’t degrade girls for only wanting to consider financially stable people as long-term partners because our economy is in ruins

Hey collegehumor I did this trying to prove my love to you. WHY DON’T YOU LISTEN TO MY MIXTAPE?!


‘Pedestal’ by Portishead
Best downtempo record, or best downtempo record ever?

Hey, I’ve been listening to Portishead all day! This can only mean…

…that it’s a coincidence!


Guillermo del Toro needs to make creature films forever and I will watch them all.

This is why he needs to get “At the Mountains of Madness” off the ground. Can you imagine how great Lovecraftian beasts would look?